Racial Equity Strategic Plan

The Hazardous Waste Management Program is committed to leading with race. By addressing the barriers experienced by people of color, refugee, immigrant and low-income residents, we will effectively identify solutions and remove barriers for other groups.

We are excited to share the Program’s Racial Equity Strategic Plan, which was adopted by our Management Coordination Committee on October 16, 2018. The Strategic Plan provides the Hazardous Waste Management Program with a framework for achieving its racial equity vision, in which, “Race is not a determinant of hazardous materials exposure in households and businesses in King County.” To achieve this the Program will:

  1. Embed racial equity and environmental justice principles throughout its operations;
  2. Recognize and reflect the racial diversity of the ratepayers it serves; and
  3. Actively engage and partner with others to understand and address racism and utilize culturally relevant data to inform its work.

Please read these two documents to learn about our theory of change, the four strategies that we that will use as well as our racial equity commitments and performance goals.

Hazardous Waste Management Program Racial Equity Strategic Plan

Hazardous Waste Management Program Racial Equity Strategic Plan Summary