Proposed Rate Increase

Program Services

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program (LHWMP) protects public health and the environment throughout King County by providing programs and services to reduce exposure to hazardous materials, at home and at work.  The program focuses on prevention, policy change and collection to reduce the risk of exposure and use of more toxic products and materials.

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Residents and businesses receive information on identifying hazards for the products they use, safer less toxic alternatives and how to safely store and dispose of hazardous materials and wastes. Creating systems change in the production, use and disposal of hazardous materials to help ensure chemicals and products are safe for people and our environment. LHWMP provides safe and convenient disposal of hazardous materials through on-going disposal services, mobile collection events and in-home collections services for residents age 65+ and for residents with a disability.

Increased Costs

LHWMP provides hazardous waste services to the 2.1 million residents and over 60,000 businesses in King County. As the number of people living in the County continues to grow in number and diversity, there is also an increased demand for services.  With the constant influx of new chemicals and products and the cost of inflation, the cost of providing services continues to increase.


Based on current financial projections, LHWMP will require a rate increase to meet revenue needs after 2019 to keep up with the costs of providing hazardous waste services to residents and businesses throughout King County. The current fee was established in 2012 as a flat rate that does not adjust with inflation.  Evaluation of a proposed rate adjustment is underway.  A formal proposal to the King County Board of Health for approval is anticipated this spring.