Hazardous Waste Fees

The Hazardous Waste Management Program is a regional partnership established to protect public health and the environment throughout King County. The Program focuses on reducing exposure risks to hazardous materials, products and wastes, at home and at work.

Program Services

The Program provides services to 2.1 million residents and over 60,000 businesses across King County. Residents and qualifying small businesses can safely dispose of hazardous materials and wastes at one of our hazardous waste disposal facilities or traveling Wastemobile.  Businesses can receive technical assistance to help meet regulatory requirements and manage hazardous materials properly. Our Customer Call Center will answer questions about hazardous materials, proper storage and disposal and how to choose less hazardous alternatives to help keep your family and workplace safe.

Program Funding

The Program is funded by Local Hazardous Waste (LHW) fees on solid waste and sewer services in King County. Residents and businesses pay fees based on their garbage and sewer use. LHW fees are also charged for each trip to a solid waste transfer station or landfill.

LHW fees are set by the King County Board of Health (BOH) and are used to pay for Program services to reduce the use and exposure to hazardous products, materials, chemicals and wastes.

Hazardous Waste Management Program Rates

The Hazardous Waste Management Program is implemented through a multi-jurisdictional Management Coordination Committee (MCC) and is recognized as the Program governing entity by the Washington State Department of Ecology.