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Washington State Paint Recycling Bill Passes the House!

The paint recycling bill passed a House floor vote by 60-38 on March 5th!

Next step: it moves to the Senate for consideration.

Here are three good reasons we support this legislation:



From the owner of Flying Colors Painting Company in Olympia

I’m a house painter in Olympia. I’m here because I see [left over paint cans] in every single house. It is impossible to leave a job without leaving the touch-up paint; there is always leftover paint. … I would love it. Our customers would love it, if something simple and easy like this [paint recycling program] happened. – Dustin Wilson, Feb 5 House bill hearing.


Miller Paint_testimony_Feb5-2015-cropped

From the CEO of Miller Paint Company with take-back locations for leftover paint in other states.

We … just sold our 300,000th gallon of recycled paint [paint made from leftover, take back paint]. [That’s about] 1.5 million containers that are about 20% full, are not going to the landfill. If the state of Washington adopts this bill, Miller Paint would be interested in becoming a processor [in Washington]; it would add probably 25 to 30 jobs; it would keep all that recycling within the state and add jobs here in the state of Washington.  –Steve Dearborn, CEO of Miller Paint Company Feb. 5 House bill hearing


This proposed recycling program takes a different approach from most other recycling programs because the paint industry would lead it – not the government.

If it passes in the Senate, it would become part of a uniform system operating in the U.S. for the proper recycling, reuse and disposal of leftover paint. Eight other states, including Oregon, have passed similar legislation initiated by the paint industry.

Make room for the new. Clear out the stuff you no longer need!

Is making more space in your home  one of your New Year’s resolutions? If so, here are five tips to help you do this safely:

Tip #1: Take unwanted products or waste with these words on the label: CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER or POISON to a household hazardous waste site. These words are usually on the lower left hand corner of the front of the container. Locations.


Tip #2: Do you have chemicals in your home (think garage, basement, attic)? Avoid explosions by calling 206-263-8899 before you move them. Chemicals can also be in hobby kits or chemical bottle collections.

chem shelves in basement_Cropped_DW

Tip #3: Get rid of the latex paint you no longer need: Stir kitty litter into it until it’s almost solid and put the lid on it – then throw it in the trash. Detailed instructions. Oil-based paint needs to be disposed as hazardous waste. Locations.

kitty litter in paint

Tip # 4: Keeps medicines away from pets, children and teens! Bring your unwanted medicines to a voluntary medicine take-back program for safe disposal. Locations.

A young girl looks at a pile of pills that was left on a counter.

Tip #5: Make use of even your ripped and holey clothing and shoes. Take them to a recycling drop off that will ensure they are recycled into new clothing for those less fortunate. More info here.

ripped pants_greggoconnell_flickr