Celebrate Earth Day and make that trip

It may not seem that the simple act of gathering your unwanted household hazardous waste and making a trip to the disposal facility will “save the Earth”, but many small, individual actions add up to big results.

Thirty-two million pounds – that’s the amount of household hazardous waste people brought to the Wastemobile in 25 years. This came from individuals gathering waste from under their sink or off the shelf in their garage and making a trip to a disposal site.

Hazardous waste includes many things most of us wouldn’t consider hazardous:

  • fluorescent light bulbs and tubes (they contain toxic mercury)
  • any household cleaner with the words CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER or POISON on the label (that’s most of them);
  • the can of oil-based paint you didn’t use up completely;
  • household batteries (they contain lead) – yes, even the ones from your remote control units.

Will you join us and make that trip this spring?  Locations. List of what you can bring.

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