Washington State Paint Recycling Bill Passes the House!

The paint recycling bill passed a House floor vote by 60-38 on March 5th!

Next step: it moves to the Senate for consideration.

Here are three good reasons we support this legislation:



From the owner of Flying Colors Painting Company in Olympia

I’m a house painter in Olympia. I’m here because I see [left over paint cans] in every single house. It is impossible to leave a job without leaving the touch-up paint; there is always leftover paint. … I would love it. Our customers would love it, if something simple and easy like this [paint recycling program] happened. – Dustin Wilson, Feb 5 House bill hearing.


Miller Paint_testimony_Feb5-2015-cropped

From the CEO of Miller Paint Company with take-back locations for leftover paint in other states.

We … just sold our 300,000th gallon of recycled paint [paint made from leftover, take back paint]. [That’s about] 1.5 million containers that are about 20% full, are not going to the landfill. If the state of Washington adopts this bill, Miller Paint would be interested in becoming a processor [in Washington]; it would add probably 25 to 30 jobs; it would keep all that recycling within the state and add jobs here in the state of Washington.  –Steve Dearborn, CEO of Miller Paint Company Feb. 5 House bill hearing


This proposed recycling program takes a different approach from most other recycling programs because the paint industry would lead it – not the government.

If it passes in the Senate, it would become part of a uniform system operating in the U.S. for the proper recycling, reuse and disposal of leftover paint. Eight other states, including Oregon, have passed similar legislation initiated by the paint industry.