What will we look like in ten years?

Demographic changes – Happening soon in a neighborhood near you!

Demographic tides are rolling across the country; minority populations are growing and Caucasian population growth is slowing and aging. California is one of the states that experience these changes first. As of March, Latinos made up 39 percent of California’s population versus non-Hispanic whites at 38.8 percent. About 25 years ago, those numbers were very different; non-Hispanic whites were 57 percent of the state population and Latinos made up 26 percent (Huffington Post Jan 16, 2014).

Why cover California news? What happens in Cali, usually doesn’t stay in Cali. By 2043, the US number of non-Hispanic whites will be smaller than all other ethnic groups combined. In some areas, Latinos will be the majority minority, followed by Asians.

And we will be getting grayer. The next twenty years will see the bulge of folks 60 years and older, and the issues between younger workers and older retirees growing. Locally, many agencies are considering aging populations and their impact on services in King County.

For a fascinating, powerful summary, watch how the Pew Research Center shows the population information:

Explore America’s Demographic Transformation Our new immersive data visuals and videos show that America is in the midst of two major demographic transformations: A record share of Americans are going gray at the same time the nation is becoming majority non-white. read more > Book: The Next America Video: Generations in the Next America.

Midlife Bulge 2020, Pew Research Center

Midlife Bulge 2020, Pew Research Center