Partners are recognized at Green Globe awards: the City of Shoreline and Liesl Zappler

Working to make Puget Sound a better place

Nice work Green Globe winners and program partners: Liesl Zappler and the City of Shoreline. Thanks for all the work you do to reduce chemicals in our environment!

Congratulations to the City of Shoreline and staff that have been quiet leaders in pesticide reduction. The city has put in place policies and practices that their groundskeepers have been using for over 10 years, taking care of parks and properties with little to no pesticides. The city also supports homeowners trying to do the same with workshops and advice on natural yard care. Find their pesticide free places on the map:

Congratulations to Liesl Zappler who has made Swedish Medical Center a Leader in Sustainable Landscaping Practices. Zappler has been a tireless promoter and practitioner of pesticide free landscapes and gardening. She has led Swedish and its campus of properties to adopt an Integrated Pest Management policy, improving landscaping practices and re-designing existing plantings. Zappler also worked hard to enroll the Swedish campuses in the EnviroStars program, earning 2 to 5-Star ratings for their practices.

For more on the many people and organizations that are doing their part to keep our corner of the NW healthy for all of us and future generations, read on at:

Leisl Zappler at work on the Swedish Campus

Leisl Zappler, Green Globe winner, at work on the Swedish Campus