EnviroStars: how green is your business?

People want to know, are you officially certified?

Envirostars: Look for this logo!

Envirostars: certification you can trust

Businesses in the Pacific Northwest are in the right place to catch the attention and loyal patronage of customers in our region.

People want to support environmentally-responsible businesses. Residents, employees, and business owners place a high value on natural resources and healthy, active lifestyles as part of our quality of life in Washington State. Eighty percent of the residents surveyed across five Puget Sound area counties said that they prefer to support environmentally-minded businesses, like EnviroStars.

With all the talk of “green-washing” though, potential customers have learned to be skeptical. EnviroStars certification provides an objective third-party assessment of businesses and is a certification people can trust. The EnviroStars brand has been building credibility and transparency into its certification since 1995.

Certified businesses are recognized with a 2- to 5-Star rating, and can use the EnviroStars logo to show they’ve had our third party assessment. This provides an easy way for the public to identify and support local businesses doing their part for the environment.

The EnviroStars window decal, logo, and certificate help you communicate your commitment to being environmentally responsible. The more proactive your efforts to reduce hazardous materials and waste and to incorporate best practices, the more benefits you can receive:

• Website listings and links
• Highlights in radio advertisements
• Profiles in local newspapers
• Achievement award nominations
• Promotion at community and trade events

There are more than 800 EnviroStars certified businesses in cities throughout the region – from Seattle to Spokane. Certification is provided by Jefferson, King, Kitsap, Pierce, Skagit, Spokane and Whatcom counties.

See our website at http://www.envirostars.org for more information.