Green cleaning tips for dusting

Household dust can contain many of the ills of the world: lead, arsenic, pesticides, debris from work like metals or chemicals. Or dust can just have the stuff that sticks to our shoes and pet feet – dirt. Chemicals that are tracked in the home can last up to a year, especially chemicals like pesticides that are designed to breakdown in sunlight and outdoors.

Dusts in the home can trigger asthma or allergy attacks or irritate sensitive lungs. Small children, crawling and putting things in their mouths, get bigger doses of dusts than adults.

Tom Watson, the EcoConsumer, shows how to clean up dust, help reduce it and not just move it around with some green cleaning tools and tips. Watch his short show and clean video with KOMO 4 news at

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Tom Watson starts dusting

Tom Watson starts dusting with a microfiber cloth