Latino a race?

Latino family

This is only one Latino family. See the diversity in the Huffington Post’s gallery.

Is Latino a race?

The answer is: no, it’s not.
The Spanish language is shared by many countries and cultures, and many of the countries identified as ‘Latin’ have multiple languages and cultures. The US Census has reinvigorated the debate about whether to consider ”Latino” a race to encompass the variety of people who identify with the Latino culture. It has also created an opportunity for people to learn about the diversity and richness of Spanish speaking countries.

For a good discussion with great resources, read the coverage in the Huffington Post:
Latino Is Not A Race, Despite The Census Debate

One size really does not fit all. Lumping diverse cultures into one category does not help us understand the social, historical or economic impact of our services or polices. Insights into to the variety of folks we serve will keep our projects fresh and relevant, help us design better engagement approaches and evaluate how effective our efforts are.