Team works with owner to clean up property

Issaquah clean up

Issaquah clean up; example of soil contamination

The Interagency Compliance Team brings together multiple agencies to collaborate on sites with numerous environmental, health and safety violations. The team recently tackled a property in Issaquah that was polluting air, water and soil through illegal business practices. Some of the violations the team cited were Illegal automotive dismantling, hazardous wastes stored in open containers on the ground, buried wastes, open burning of wastes and illegal dumping. Team members from five enforcement agencies worked with the property owner to get the property cleaned up and into compliance.

The cleanup included the safe disposal of over 60 gallons of hazardous waste, including solvents, paint, and automotive fluids, broken fluorescent tubes, 40 automotive batteries, and 150 cubic yards of solid waste. The illegal burning and dumping was stopped. The owner is also conducting soil sampling to identify contamination for remediation. The team was able to work with the owner on timely compliance, clean up, and preventing future pollution.

Businesses and residents may make requests for technical consultations or complaint investigations through the Business Waste Line at 206-263-8899; toll free 1-800-325-6165, ext. 3-8899.

Issaquah property clean up

Issaquah property clean up

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  1. nice work – this is how government should work!

  2. Thank goodness someone is out there making a difference and doing something real in our community. Even if I reuse bags, avoid using pesticides, ride the bus, use baking soda and vinegar and CFL bulbs, etc., all my life, all my efforts and the efforts of hundreds of others to care for Earth are cancelled out by just one filthy disgusting place like this and all that care and effort are in vain. Thank you to the Interagency Compliance Team for doing something about these places – not just talking, but actually cleaning it up. I wish there was more of this going on. It makes choosing an EnviroStar more worthwhile.

  3. Eager to see the “after” photos!

  4. Nice Coverage!

    1. Agreed!

  5. We should an “after” picture

    1. It would look lovely in this freezing fog. Looking forward to pics from the team.