Hidden Hazards in the Arts partners with 4Culture

New guest blogger, Dave Waddell for Hidden Hazards in the Arts is the start of a creative partnership between the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program and 4Culture, the agency that oversees One Percent for the Arts program and works with artists, communities and cultural organizations to offer unique, culturally relevant projects.

Dave Waddell, project manager for Hidden Hazards in the Arts, will be a guest blogger on the 4Culture blog sharing what he knows and has learned from artists about the toxic or hazardous materials they are using. Hidden Hazards in the Arts workshops help artists identify and reduce risks to their health and the environment through safe use, choices, handling and disposal. Read Dave’s blogs on 4Culture’s blogs under guest bloggers at: http://blog.4culture.org/2012/11/dont-drink-the-turpentine/.

4Culture blog

4Culture guest blog: Hidden Hazards in the Arts