Eco-Logica – the Northwest’s first Spanish/English environmental magazine

Garbage in a landfill

I recently learned of the first Spanish/English magazine in the Northwest — Eco-Logica. I encourage you to check out this great online resource covering ecology, education, science and technology.  Eco-Logica features articles on Puget Sound, how to reduce your use of plastics, what we as individuals can do about the oil spills, and more!  Instead of complaining about other people polluting the air, water and environment in general, it gives specific things we as individuals can do to contribute less to the problem. For example in their article on Garbage,  there’s a great discussion on how we as consumers feel pressured to buy the newest and latest trends so we fit into society. The more we buy, the more garbage we eventually generate. Their advice?  Don’t buy what you don’t need. Instead, reduce, reuse and recycle. It’s definitely worth checking out.