Using video to reach Hispanic audiences

NPR reported on the popularity of online videos with Hispanic audiences. The main audiences interviewed in the report are ‘Americanized’ Hispanics – younger acculturated Hispanic Americans who want to stay connected with their heritage.

If you are planning information campaigns aimed at this audience, video is also a useful tool to reach Hispanics that are not fully literate in Spanish or English. Some excerpts from the report shed light on the popularity of online video sharing, including the new site Mitu:

According to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are more likely to visit video sharing sites than white, non-Hispanics — 81 percent versus 69 percent.

And that

Latinos are more likely than other Americans to watch online videos, but there hasn’t been much of an effort to develop special content for them — until now. Marketers say the last year has been marked by a flood of professional videos geared to Latinos. In fact, one production company has gone from making television to developing a whole network on YouTube geared toward Hispanic-Americans. It’s called Mitu and it features all kinds of short, lifestyle videos.

 And with the worldwide popularity of You Tube, video is a helpful tool for local governments trying to reach any audience and to overcome language or understanding barriers.