Spring Cleaning – Out with the old and in with the less toxic

Give your house a fresh start with a good spring cleaning.

Dig into those dark places and you’ll likely find some hazardous things. Stuff like bug sprays, automotive products, lawn and garden chemicals, burned out fluorescent light bulbs, drain and oven cleaners, paint strippers, home maintenance products and medicines.

 How can you tell the hazardous stuff?

Hazardous products say CAUTION, WARNING, DANGER, or POISON on the label and cannot go in the trash. Take them to the Hazardous Waste Collection sites…no charge. Shopping at the Auburn SuperMall? Save gas and combine trips – you can bring your hazardous waste there every weekend.  Call 1-888-TOXIC-ED for more information.

 Kids and chemicals don’t mix

Make sure hazardous products are stored safely away from children, who can confuse household hazardous products with food. The kids don’t read labels, and some containers and labels look fun and food-like. Reduce your stash of products and use safer alternatives as an easy way to make your home more kid-safe.

 What is safer?

Your favorite product may have a safer alternative. Read the label and buy products marked CAUTION or WARNING, not DANGER and POISON. Find some safer alternatives on the Household Hazardous Products List.

 What to do with old medicines?

Get rid of unwanted prescription drugs safely at locations listed in Take Back Your Meds. Protect your kids and pets from the medications you do keep; check out this video for tips on safe medicine storage.

 What about other stuff?

For all other stuff, like appliances, carpets, electronics, tires, and lawn waste, see What do I do With?….

 By Gail Gensler