Tips for a healthier Nail Salon in this month’s Nails Magazine

In an article recently published in Nails Magazine, our staff were interviewed regarding safe practices for nail technicians.  Staff advised that nail technicians take these steps to protect themselves:

> Keep the general ventilation system turned on all day and use exhaust ventilation at a workstation to keep salon air fresh.

> Wear gloves and protect your skin when handling chemicals.

> Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from splashing and debris.

> Wear a dust mask to keep from breathing acrylic powder and filing and sanding dusts into your lungs.

> Safely store chemicals by labeling them and keeping containers closed.

> Ask for and read about product risks and handling on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Keeping an MSDS notebook helps with emergencies too. Ask your nail product supply store or call the manufacturer for an MSDS. They are legally required to provide it.

> Install an eyewash station at a sink and test it by showing your employees how to use it during regular employee safety meetings.

> Keep acetone-saturated cotton balls stored in metal cans with tight fitting lids and dispose of them at the end of the day in the outside garbage.  Dispose of used acetone, nail polish, or other hazardous waste at your local hazardous waste disposal site or contact a hazardous waste disposal company.

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