How Seattle helps with world’s water challenges

Local Hazardous Waste Management Program is one of many local groups offering expertise to other agencies and countries

In an exceprt from Collin Tong’s article on clean water efforts around the world, Dave Galvin, program manager offers his perspective on keeping water clean globally and locally:

Local Puget Sound area government agencies have lent their expertise in global water sanitation efforts.  King County’s local hazardous waste management program regularly receives inquiries from countries such as The Philippines and New Zealand according to Dave Galvin, who manages the county’s program.  While its primary focus is reducing nonpoint source pollution and hazardous waste in the region, the implications for water sanitation globally are clear, he said.

“Chemical releases here can travel tens of thousands of miles to contaminate what should be pristine areas of the globe,” Galvin said. ” There are so many of us now on this planet that even small individual amounts of hazardous chemicals from each person or household add up to tons of toxic chemicals in the environment.  We need to do our part to reduce this insidious exposure.”