2012 Chemical Hygiene Workshops

Schools with science labs are required to implement chemical hygiene plans under OSHA’s Laboratory Safety Standard and WAC 296-828

Have you completed yours?

Clock hours are available upon request. Please RSVP to dave.waddell@kingcounty.gov to attend and receive directions and other important workshop materials and information.

Initial Trainings                                     (Noon to 4:00 PM)

April 10        WSRMP Offices, Tukwila

May 23         Shoreline Conference Center, Shoreline

October 4     WSRMP Offices, Tukwila

Advanced Trainings                                (1:00 to 5:00 PM)

March 21     Green River Community College, Auburn

April 19        Kentridge High School, Kent

October 24  High School TBD, Bellevue School District


Initial Training Topics: Advanced Training Topics:
Regulatory requirements for the plan Site-specific plan components
Conducting the chemical inventory Chemical-specific protection
Minimizing chemical exposures Medical exams and consultations
Roles and responsibilities Completing the written plan
Facility issues and procedural issues Conducting the required trainings
Chemicals of concern Hands-on spill response practice
Hazardous waste disposal options Chemical safety inspection practice