Wastemobile on KMPS FM 94.1

This summer the Wastemobile was featured on several radio channels. Flo, the afternoon traffic goddess with KMPS FM 94.1 did a live broadcast at the Auburn SuperMall Wastemobile Saturday, August 6th and chatted with some of her fans using the service.

Mike West, helpful Wastemobile staffer chatted with Flo about her hazardous waste selection. Flo’s spouse sent her in with some household hazardous waste classics: oil based paints, thinners, weed and bug killers, and fluorescent tubes. She was thrilled with the easy, drive through service and that there is no extra fee (disposal is included in utility bills).  And Flo was able to clear out her garage of chemicals left behind by the previous owner.

Bring in the leftovers from home improvement projects, car repair or cleaning. If it says Caution-Warning-Danger-Poison, take it to the Wastemobile!