Convenient alkaline battery disposal available at Wastemobile and other facilities

Common batteries can now be taken to hazardous waste disposal facilities

Hanging on to those alkaline batteries because you don’t want to throw them in the garbage? Alkaline and several other types of batteries can now be safely and conveniently recycled at a household hazardous waste disposal facility in King County.

“Batteries come in all sizes, shapes and purposes, and it has been confusing for residents who are trying to dispose of them safely,” said Jay Watson, Administrator of the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program.

“Residents can bring in alkaline batteries, as well as lead acid, button, lithium, Ni-Cad and other rechargeable batteries for disposal. We appreciate that they are using our services to keep pollutants like mercury out of our environment.”

Some of these batteries contain mercury and other materials that make them dangerous waste that should not go in the garbage. Find a disposal location at or call the Household Hazards Line at 206-296-4692 OR 1-888-869-4233.

Qualifying small businesses may use the household disposal services to drop off batteries. For more details, call the Business Waste Line at 206-263-8899; toll free at 1-800-325-6165, extension 3-8899.

Residents can take rechargeable batteries (look for the symbol on the battery) to participating retail stores in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Visit for locations.

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program is a partnership of local governments including Seattle, King County and the suburban cities, working together to manage hazardous wastes and protect health and the environment. Visit us at

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