Ken’s Redmond Auto Body Shows Other Shops a New Paint System

Ken’s 5-Star Certified environmental leadership pays off on the goal of going green
November 18, 2010 Program Contact: Laurel Tomchick, 206-263-3063
Business Contact: Tim Campbell, 425-885-0661

On November 4th, Ken’s Redmond Auto Body shop opened its doors in a rare gesture to mentor other shop owners and government agency staff on a new water-borne vehicle paint system. The collision repair facility offered an inside look at how it works and answered candid questions about how other shops can transition to water-based systems.

The shop has already started seeing benefits. With potential changes in environmental regulations on the horizon, the new system:

  • reduces about 90 percent of the solvents used in a collision repair shop,
  • cuts final drying times to about three quarters the time needed before, saving energy and time,
  • trims base coat paint amounts by about 40 percent – going from four to six coats, to only three – saving materials, while still meeting vehicle manufacturer’s quality standards,
  • decreases the hazardous wastes generated enough to eliminate the need for a solvent still.

Despite the extremely challenging economic times for small businesses, owner Tim Campbell, recently chose to invest in his company and employee’s future with new water-borne paint system technology. Chris, a painter at Ken’s, demonstrated how easily the paint coating is applied on parts such as fenders and bumper covers.

“We are really proud to be on the cutting edge of preventing pollution, protecting our workers and contributing positively to our Redmond community. EnviroStars certification helped us to think about our impacts more broadly and how to get started,” says second-generation business owner Tim Campbell.

Ken’s Redmond Auto Body has joined a growing list of businesses that have earned the EnviroStars certification. There are over 700 EnviroStars rated companies offering a variety of services from car repair, dentistry, dry cleaning, landscaping, and printing, to veterinary care – a great way to take care of your business while supporting environmentally sound businesses in your community.

EnviroStars are given a 2- to 5-Star rating, based on their demonstrated commitment to reducing hazardous materials and wastes. Residents that want to support environmentally responsible businesses can look for the EnviroStars window decal and certification logo, find a business at or call 1-877-220-7827 (STAR) for a directory. Or check out EnviroStars on Facebook.

The nationally recognized EnviroStars Program was created by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County, Washington in 1995 and has expanded to include six counties in the Puget Sound region and across Washington State.

Good for Business. Good for the Environment. Good for You.