Protecting Public Health and the Environment

The Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County (LHWMP) is a regional partnership established to protect public health and the environment by reducing exposure risks to hazardous materials. The program is implemented through a multi-jurisdictional Management Coordination Committee (MCC) and is recognized as the Program governing entity by the Washington State Department of Ecology.


We provide services to 2.1 million residents and over 60,000 business in King County focused on prevention, policy and collection.  Managing hazardous materials properly, choosing less toxic materials and adopting green technologies that reduce the amount of hazardous materials being used are key education and outreach services we provide to protect public health and the environment.

Program Focus on Prevention, Policy and Collection


How the Program is Funded

The Program is funded by residential and commercial solid waste and sewer utility ratepayers, and residents and businesses that take their solid waste to a transfer station or landfill. Local Hazardous Waste (LHW) fees are charged for each utility account, and each trip to a solid waste transfer station and landfill.  The fees are deposited into a restricted hazardous waste account. They are used to pay for program services to reduce the use of and exposure to hazardous products, materials, chemicals and wastes.



Proposed Rate Increase in 2019

The program is requesting a rate increase to continue to meet the needs of the residents and businesses we serve, including increased demand for program services. The proposed rate increase will also provide funding for a moderate risk waste facility in south King County that will increase capacity.


Learn More

Download brochures below for more information about our program. We will be adding additional information when it becomes available, check back often.

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