Hidden hazards in the arts – Free workshop for artists

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Dave Waddell, with the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program’s Art Hazards Project, will give a free workshop for artists on hazardous materials in the studio.

He will share information and free safety equipment.

Artists may also schedule a free  studio visit to evaluate the hazards in their working environment. Vouchers are available to offset the 50% of the cost of safety improvements, up to $500.

Contact Dave Waddell at 206-263-3069 or dave.waddell@kingcounty.gov  to register for the free workshop.

What: Artists learn about hazardous materials in the studio & get free safety apparel and funding to improve safety

When: Wednesday, September 17 from 12:00-1:00 pm

Where:  4 Culture, 101Prefontaine Place, Seattle 98104

Ciscoe Morris gets a surprise household hazardous waste inspection. What do they find?

WM 25th Ciscoe w hazwaste

A surprise visit to an organic gardener’s home reveals some surprising places where household hazardous waste can be found! Find out how to identify household products that would need to be disposed as hazardous waste when no longer wanted — and where to take them for safe disposal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3zlUM7GrRAI

Covington hosts Wastemobile September 5th – 7th

Wastemobile 8

All King County and city residents can safely dispose of old car batteries, oil, paint thinner and many other household hazardous items at no cost when the Wastemobile comes to Covington, Sept. 5-7.  The Wastemobile will be in the parking lot of the Fred Meyer at 16735 SE 272nd St., Covington, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.

Residents can drop off household hazardous waste items including pesticides, oil-based paints, automotive products (oil, antifreeze, auto batteries, etc.), fluorescent bulbs/tubes and other items without a charge. The service is pre-paid through garbage and sewer utility fees.

More disposal solutions: Visit the permanent collection site

For south King County residents, the Auburn Wastemobile is a convenient alternative for disposing household hazardous waste. It is located in the northwest parking lot of The Outlet Collection (formerly the Auburn SuperMall), 1101 Outlet Collection Dr., SW, near Sports Authority. It operates every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Qualifying businesses can also use the no cost disposal services. Call 206-296-4692, or find details at.

Eastside residents might find the Factoria Transfer Station as a more convenient location for household hazardous waste disposal.

About the Wastemobile

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year with more than 32 million pounds of household hazardous waste collected since 1989, the Wastemobile was the first traveling hazardous waste disposal program in the nation.  It is operated by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program and goes throughout the King County from spring through fall.

Residents help protect the environment and public health by safely disposing of the hazardous materials and keeping them out of drains and landfills.

The Wastemobile also provides free reusable products to the public, such as oil-based paint, stain and primer, plus wood care and cleaning products. These products are subject to availability, and residents must sign a release form prior to receiving the materials.


Hidden Hazards in the Arts – Free Workshop for Artists


Find out how to identify safer chemicals, store art supplies safely and dispose of waste properly at a free

Hidden Hazards in the Arts workshop.

“We are here to help artists take out some of the risks of handling these chemicals, particularly since many of them have home studios.  We want to help artists protect their health and their families,” said Donna Galstad, a workshop presenter with the LHWMP Art Hazards project.

“I attended a Hidden Hazards in the Arts workshop, and there was so much information related to my personal art process and the materials I use —crucial new information to avoid exposure to toxins in the studio,” said Mark Calderon, a Seattle sculptor.

More information and register for this free workshop:

  • Tuesday, September 16
  • 6:30pm- 8:30pm
  • Shoreline City Hall – third floor classrooms
  • 17544 Midvale Ave N
  • Shoreline, WA 98133

Sponsored by the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County and the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Arts Council.

Wastemobile collects hazardous waste in Sammamish August 15th – 17th

Give us your tired garden products!

Give us your tired garden products!

All King County and city residents can safely dispose of old car batteries, oil, paint thinner and many other household hazardous items at no cost when the  Wastemobile comes to Sammamish August 15th through the 17th at  Eastlake High School, 400 228th Ave. NE., Sammamish, WA from 10 to 5.

Twenty five years ago, the first collection of household hazardous waste took place in King County. This collection practice has evolved into what we now call the Wastemobile, a collection operation that travels from city to city. In that time 450,000 people have taken over 32 million pounds of household hazardous waste for safe disposal to the Wastemobile. 

To celebrate this amazing achievement, we are holding a random drawing where three people will win either an iPad, a $100 gift card to REI or a $50 gift card to the nursery of your choice.

To enter, take a picture of yourself and the hazardous waste you will return to the Wastemobile by August 25th. Then post it here: http://bit.ly/1nK7xvp.

Find out what you can bring here: http://www.lhwmp.org/home/HHW/whattobring.aspx

Looking for other disposal locations, dates and hours? http://www.lhwmp.org/home/HHW/disposal-locations.aspx

Wastemobile 25th Anniversary! Enter to Win Prizes

Wastemobile 3


Enter to win the contest here:  http://bit.ly/1nK7xvp

Thanks to 450,000 King County residents and qualifying businesses, the Wastemobile has collected more than 32 million pounds of household hazardous waste since 1989!

To celebrate, we are giving all King County residents who take their hazardous waste to the Wastemobile in August the chance to win an iPad or other gift cards. Just post your photo with you and your hazardous waste on the link below before taking your waste to the Wastemobile.

Thank you to our residents for helping to protect the environment and public health by safely disposing of your hazardous materials and keeping them out of drains and landfills.

Motorists: Fix leaks so you ‘Don’t Drip and Drive’

Drip and drive coupon

Get a coupon

Free visual leak inspections, repair discount

Motorists in King County can find an affordable fix and keep pollutants out of Puget Sound so that they “Don’t Drip and Drive.”

Every year, more than 7 million quarts of motor oil drips out of vehicles and onto streets and parking lots, much of it ending up in streams, lakes and Puget Sound.

The Don’t Drip and Drive campaign and participating repair shops across western Washington are offering car owners a free visual leak inspection – a diagnostic service valued at up to $80 – available now through September.

If the inspection reveals a problem, the car owner will receive a coupon for 10 percent off service to fix the problem (up to $50). Repair coupons expire Sept. 30, 2014. Find a list of participating locations, help to self-diagnose your leak, and print out a coupon at Don’t Drip and Drive.

“The main reason we have been participating in ‘Don’t Drip and Drive’ is that we are aware that fluids do leak from a surprising number of vehicles,” said Mike Lenci of Bellevue Auto Service & Electric, Inc., an EnviroStars-certified business. “We want to help to repair these leaks and give the motorist a substantial discount on the repair as well to help keep our water clean.”

Studies show that two-thirds of drivers will fix a leak within three months of finding it.

You can keep your car running great while protecting our local waters.



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